Welcome to the Flat Fahertys' Travel Log

This our little travel log, where we hope to be able to track and share our experiences with you.

Flat Olivia Visits from Delaware - March 2013

Olivia visited from Delaware recently, and she had lots of fun going to see the St. Patrick's Day Parade, the Empire State Building and Uncle Drew's soccer game

Here are some photos from Olivia's Visit - the St. Patrick's Day Parade, the Empire State Building and Uncle Drew's soccer game

Mets Opening Day, Citi Field, Queens, NY – 4/5/12

We got to go to our first baseball game - Uncle Drew took us along to the Mets Opening Day for 2012. It was a fun day out, and to make it even better, the Mets Won 1-0!!!

Here is a photo of us at the game:

Virginia Beach, VA – 1/14/12

Oh wow, we got to go on our first plane trip - it was a quick one, and Uncle Drew didn't plan so well, so we don't have any photos from on the flight, but maybe next time. Anyway, we got to go out on a boat, and as you can see we DO have some pictures from that...we got to go deep sea fishing, and helped catch some big striped bass (they also call them rockfish you know)!

Here are some more photos of us out there on the boat (which was pretty big, and while Daddy may not have liked it, it was not that bad of a ride):

Somerset NJ – 12/25/11

You may have heard of our friend Flat Stanley already, and like him we want to travel the world and see some cool places. We are Flat Martin (Age 8) and Flat Daisy (Age 10) and we will tell the story of how we got flattened later. For now, you should know that we turned up like this for Christmas 2011 in Somerset NJ. Our Uncle Drew promises to help show us a bit of the world, and some more local sights as well, so we’re going to head back with him after the holidays and see what happens.

New York, NY (Manhattan) – 12/29/11

Uncle Drew brought us into work for our scans and such, so while we were there we helped him work on some 2012 planning. He works in a big building all the way at the bottom of Manhattan, close to the Staten Island Ferry. It’s not a fancy building, but sometimes you can get some pretty views so maybe he’ll take us back to work again for that.

New York, NY (Bronx) – 12/30/11

Like the rest of the family we too are huge Rutgers fans, so of course we were thrilled to join Drew, Doug and Grandpa for the Pinstripe Bowl…and we partied it up when Rutgers beat Iowa State. Like Coach Schiano said – this win is for you Big E!! Grandpa was from the Bronx, so we know he was happy to be there. Flat Martin is a Mets fan, so he would rather be at the baseball stadium in Queens…maybe this summer…

Stay tuned for more adventures and stories...